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Past Projects
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Photo Credit: Jeffery Byrd

All of my work, since 1993, has focussed on two subjects: what it means to be female and the role of nature in our culture. From my early landscape paintings to entrusting my safety to strangers as I walked across Mexico City to spending a year using zero packaging, these themes run through my work in direct and indirect ways.


I am interested how technology connects and disconnects us. How it mediates social interactions, our sense of self, our bodies, safety and the world at large. For example, Walking Home: stories from the desert to the Great Lakes was about facing societal fears for the lone woman and how safety is created by extending trust using old and new social networks.

Of Birds and Men brings together perfectly the role of women and nature. The power dynamics between men and women are mirrored in how we treat the natural world, the same abuses and disregard can be applied equally to women and the environment. This work represents a gentle reckoning.

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